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Way of Philosophy

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athens02.jpgIn our first seminar we lay out the basis for the journey toward awakening.  We start where we are, and also assume that the infinite is present here and now. We discuss the goal of spiritual philosophy, and introduce essential practices which will continue throughout the course.  We examine the basics for practice: earnestness, openness, detachment, right thinking and longing for truth leading to stillness and insight.  We discuss spiritual philosophy in terms of the rhythms of our journey-- the complementary nature of long and short path, love and wisdom.  We look at the three-fold path of freedom, truth and love.


“The central point of the quest is opening the ego’s inner heart to the Overself.” Paul Brunton  


Thoughts from Seminar One

Dear friends:: Here are a few things to keep in mind from our first seminar.

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 Eight Themes From I Am That Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Wisdom says: I am nothing; Love says: I am everything; Between these two I live”  


 I Am That is a book of transcripts of talks by Nisargadatta Maharaj, a great being who lived 1898-1982 mostly in Bombay.  These 101 excellently translated talks averaging 4 pages each, are direct pointers to our real being.  Here I have provided a sample on 8 essential themes.   You can find the complete I Am That, chapter by chapter here.


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Excerpts from Paul Brunton's Secret Path


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